Shield AC Extend (Discontinued)

Trans Studio Bandung Roller Coaster - Bandung, Indonesia

Shield AC Extend is the answer for high-brightness architectural illumination where precise, long-distance aiming is mandatory. The outdoor-rated Shield AC Extend, intended for wall washing and grazing on a massive scale, enables sophisticated bright light RGB output of more than 5500 lumens. Shield AC Extend’s modular mounting frame system and adjustable LED head allows accurate beam positioning, even when projecting to great lengths. The simple connection system and long run length capability of up to 8 fixtures enable easy installation for large-scale lighting projects.

Powered by AC line voltage  100 - 240V AC line voltage eliminates the need for remote LED engines, and allows the fixture to function up to 300 meters from its power source, with up to eight fixtures per run. 

Simple connection system By using standard daisy-chain topology, with combined power and data cable, the Shield AC Extend system simplifies wiring and lowers installation costs.

Independent adjustable LED head Adjustable LED head allows for flexible, precision aiming capable of pinpointing specific areas or features to be illuminated, or a rich, seamless distribution of light over expansive areas.

Outdoor-rated Designed to accommodate exterior environments where a rich, even wash or graze is necessary, Shield AC Extend’s IP66 rating renders it a strong solution for exterior façade illumination.

Beam Angle :
8 Degree
Color :
Cold White (6500K)
Warm White (2700K)
Environment :
Outdoor IP66
Suitable for Coastal Environment
Control :
  • Heating Power Plant in Linden - Hannover, Germany
  • Trans Studio Bandung Roller Coaster - Bandung, Indonesia
  • Crystal Hall - Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Christ the Redeemer Monument - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
System Components (Please refer to Specification Sheet for more details)
Power Options :
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