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Brooklyn Academy of Music - Brooklyn, USA
The Brooklyn Academy of Music is a performing arts venue and producing organization located in downtown Brooklyn, New York. Known for its avant garde and modern programming, the venue asked lighting designers from Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design (CBBLD) to develop an illumination scheme for the exterior of the front of the main building, which serves as a visual centerpiece for the campus and houses offices, studio spaces, production facilities, and the Gilman Opera House. To highlight the stone exterior of the building which is housed under a custom designed canopy, CBBLD needed a reliable, tailor-made solution so they chose Traxon. Traxon customized a six-color Liner XB to provide an intense, even light spread. Incorporating a combination which utilizes traditional RGB color mixing, as well as two color temperatures of white and amber, the designer had the flexibility to get both vibrant colors and flawless whites. Controlled by an e:node desktop, the installation utilizes time-cued triggers to turn the system on at dusk, and off later in the night.
Showcase News | 10 September, 2009
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