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Heattech - New York, NY, USA
Uniqlo is among Japan’s most popular apparel retailers, and is a worldwide leader in casual wear. Rather than be haracterized by a brand, Uniqlo encourages its customers to create their own unique style. Designer Mona Kim worked with Traxon Technologies to create a solution for a Heattech display within the store to do just that—create a unique style and enhance the atmosphere of an unparalleled modern Japanese shopping experience. Uniqlo’s global flagship store in SoHo, New York City is one of three such installations. Additional projects are located in London and Paris. Challenged by the client’s high expectations in uniqueness, Traxon perfectly created a lighting scenario as eye-catching and sophisticated as Uniqlo’s appeal. 45 custom Mirror Matrix RGB panels are installed in a large glass cube at the entrance of the store, providing an exclusive lighting sequence when powered on, and a regular mirrored effect when turned off. Together with control provided by e:cue’s Micro Server, Traxon is capable of offering a high degree of installation possibilities and design flexibility.
Showcase News | 11 December, 2009
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