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Traxon turns windmill into unique piece of LED art and green Innovation

Munich, December 2009 – Munich has a new landmark for this years Christmas season: a giant revolving Christmas star. Traxon Technologies innovative lighting fixtures were used to turn an ordinary windmill into sensational LED artwork. The span of the world’s biggest revolving media screen is nearly 70 meters equipped with over 1,000 ultra bright Traxon Dot XL-9 lighting fixtures displaying a multitude of stunning colors as well as medium-resolution video content. The lighting installation can be seen throughout December 2009 at the northern gateway to Munich – beginning at dusk every evening.

Traxon Technologies in cooperation with its parent companies Osram and Siemens developed and completed this ground-breaking technological project together with multimedia artist Michael Pendry over the past months. Visible from a distance of up to 30 kilometers the LED windmill is a pioneering installation and a symbol for green energy as well as worldwide climate protection. “Green innovations are lighting our way to a better future,” said Siemens President and CEO Peter Löscher, referring to the great energy efficiency of LED lighting. The installation consists of 1,000 Dot XL-9 lighting fixtures (9,000 LEDs) that are as bright as around 20,000 Christmas candles. Yet the entire system uses only as much electricity as one hair dryer or two water kettles.

Besides the difficult winter- weather conditions the challenge was to implement an installation on a constantly rotating object. Artist Michael Pendry chose Traxon Technologies as partner for realizing this spectacular project due to its innovative and customizable lighting solutions. Traxon’s IP67-rated Dot XL offers exactly the flexibility needed for this demanding project. Available with 3, 6 or 9 high performance LEDs per dot casing the single controllable dots are mounted on an elastic cable with customizable pitch offering the possibility to be installed on almost any surface or three-dimensional shape. Furthermore the Dot XL has a robust casing that ensures full outdoor capability. Since under windy conditions the lighting fixtures are subject to forces up to 20 G, the Dot XLs were sticked to the wind turbine blades with superglue used in space. Controllable by DMX as well as DVI input signals Traxon’s Dot XL displays full color lighting effects and spectacular video animations. The programming of the Christmas stars lighting alone took two full days. The animation effects needed to be coordinated in real time with the various strengths of the wind and speed of the wind turbine itself. A technical masterpiece!

About Michael Pendry
Born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1974, the designer and freelance artist Michael Peter Pendry studied interior architecture, stage design and scenography in Rosenheim, Germany. Dividing his time between Munich and London, the artist has worked in design studios in both cities. In 2002, he teamed up with Thomas Halbig to establish Zeitraum, a design and interior architecture firm. In 2009, he founded the PENTRY ARTLAB GmbH, a creative multimedia, design and light laboratory and atelier that aims to foster dialogue between the art world and the business community.

About Traxon
Traxon Technologies Ltd. is a global leader in LED lighting systems offering sophisticated RGB and White solutions for the architectural and hospitality/retail industries. Together with its lighting control brand “e:cue”, Traxon provides its customers full turnkey solutions, reaching from the cutting-edge LED lighting systems to the sophisticated large scale control solutions. In March 2009, Traxon Technologies entered into a joint venture partnership with OSRAM, strengthening its position in the market by combining know-how in technology and building on synergies with OSRAM’s global presence. With over 3000 worldwide installations Traxon covers various market segments and has the knowledge and experience to improve and illuminate environments of various size and complexity. (For more information please visit

Showcase News | 21 December, 2009
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