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Tsim Sha Tsui Center & Emoire Center - Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong’s Christmas season starts in mid-November when shopping malls, hotels and other commercial buildings switch on millions of bulbs for their seasonal lighting displays. This year, some buildings have adopted environmentally friendly illuminations in their design concept. The Tsim Sha Tsui Center and the Empire Center are the first buildings in Hong Kong to use LED lighting as Christmas decoration on exterior walls. The lighting design company LEDARTIST chose Traxon Technologies because of its innovative products and its high degree of customization as partner for realizing this huge unique concept. The combined project consists of more than 18.000 Dot XL-6 and more than 100 Mesh RGB fixtures installed on the facades of the two building as well as on the skywalk connecting the buildings. Traxon’s IP67-rated Dot XL offers exactly the flexibility needed for this demanding project. Available with 3, 6 or 9 high performance LEDs per dot casing the single controllable dots are mounted on an elastic cable with customizable pitch offering the possibility to be installed on almost any surface or three-dimensional shape. Additionally the innovative lighting system has a robust casing that ensures full outdoor capability. The Dot XL-6 fixtures mounted on a wire frame bent into the shape of the design, offer a stunning multi-color Christmas scenario. The 4x16 meter installation of Traxon’s Mesh RGB fixtures along the skywalk display colorful season’s greetings video content in medium resolution. The red-dot award winning Mesh RGB is a highly versatile, modular system providing the perfect solution for challenging surfaces where unique, eye-catching decoration is needed. Controllable by DMX as well as DVI input signals Traxon’s IP67-rated Mesh RGB is capable of generating 16 Mio colors and spectacular video animations. Not being limited to simple on/off functions as most of the traditional decorations are, Traxon’s LED lighting fixtures use 80% less energy compared to incandescent light bulbs making this installation more than only a beautiful festive display.
Showcase News | 23 December, 2009
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