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Traxon Add-On Boards & Strips Leave No Space Without Light
New solutions meet the demands of commercial, hospitality, and entertainment sectors.
Hong Kong – April 1, 2010 – Driven by its mission to provide flexible, innovative and easy-to-use LED systems and solutions, Traxon Technologies has developed the Add-on Boards & Strips Series. This series perfectly complements Traxon’s Board RGB range to leave no space without light.
Equipped with the same high-performance LEDs and pixel pitch as the Board RGB range, the Add-on Series guarantees equal light output, identical optics, and the same display of stunning colors and video animations, resulting in smooth, full coverage throughout the entire application. The Add-on Series also offers a simple extension of surface areas in backlighting applications for architectural, hospitality, entertainment and retail settings where Traxon Board RGB fixtures are installed.
Traxon’s Board RGB range is a versatile, low-profile solution for applications in space-restricted environments. Equipped with Smart Chip technology, the Boards and Strips benefit from on-board DMX enhancements such as „Auto-Addressing‟ and „Flicker-Free Technology‟.
Featuring four LEDs per piece, both the 4PXL Add-on Board and 4PXL Add-on Strip can be commonly controlled for an easy extension of Traxon’s 1PXL Board. Alternatively, the LEDs can be individually controlled for easy integration into applications where 16PXL Boards are used and controlled by either DMX or e: pix/DVI input signals.
The 16PXL Add-on Board and 8PXL Add-on Strip are equipped with individually controllable high-performance LEDs specially designed to complement Traxon’s 64PXL Board RGB. The Traxon 64PXL Board RGB is an efficient solution for medium-resolution video replay, and works with either DMX or DVI input signals giving full control flexibility. The 64 PXL Board RGB offers a pixel pitch of 31.25mm and a wide beam angle of 120°, high-brightness and color consistency between the individually controllable LEDs, and flexible extension of graphical and backlighting displays. These features, combined with easy wiring and integration into the base model setup, and simple interconnection via TX Connect™ Smart, make the 64PXL Board RGB and Add-ons an excellent solution for the demands of commercial, hospitality, and entertainment sectors.
“Add-on Boards & Strips give flexibility to the overall TX Connect™ system portfolio,” says Bryan Cooper, Product Planning Manager of Traxon Technologies Ltd. “Their miniature size and easy interconnectivity ensures full coverage for any shape of backlighting application.” This modular system can easily be interconnected thanks to Traxon‟s intelligent TX Connect™ Smart technology.
Product News | 12 April, 2010
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