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Traxon Technologies Brightens the Day with 16.7 Million Colors
Traxon Technologies introduces String and Dot XL - The most flexible, ultra-bright lighting solutions
Hong Kong – March 18, 2010 – Traxon Technologies today launches String and Dot XL, innovative lighting solutions that allow the replay of effects, stunning lighting patterns, video content, and live streams. They also offer all of the sustainable advantages of LED lighting, including energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and electricity costs, less heat emission without UV radiation, durability, and long source life.
Featuring dynamic control via DMX and DVI capabilities, the String and Dot XL offers flexible multipurpose lighting solutions designed to accomplish and enhance challenging installations. Architectural, hospitality, and entertainment industries can benefit from precise color effects using over 16.7 million colors. Both are also available in sophisticated Cold White and Warm White options, ideal for showcasing merchandise in eye-catching store and retail applications.
Traxon Technologies String is a dynamic, multipurpose LED lighting fixture, which provides a sustainable bright light output. Divided into five string elements, each element of the String consists of 32 individually-controllable high-brightness LEDs mounted on a flexible, semi-transparent cable with 5.25 lm (lumens) per node, , resulting in a total of 160 pixels per String set.
“Due to its flexibility and translucency, the String can be placed on almost any surface, allowing for stunning direct-view monochromatic or multiple color lighting effects, even on three dimensional objects,” says Mike Mastroyiannis, Managing Director of Traxon Technologies Ltd. “The compact size is a significant breakthrough as the lighting solution can now be easily integrated into any interior or exterior design. The String could easily be placed around the windows and edges of the façade, perfectly emphasizing the unique characteristics of the architecture of the historical Hotel Ambasadori.”
Traxon Technologies Dot XL enriches demanding architectural applications of any size, from small and space restrictive to large and expansive, with full color lighting effects and spectacular video animations. For instance, the Dot XL-9 was used to create a large media screen at the entrance hall of the world’s 4th tallest building, the International Commerce Center in Hong Kong.
“Using the flexible Dot XL-6, we perfectly managed to create Hong Kong’s biggest energy saving, environmentally friendly LED Christmas and Chinese New Year decoration. Seasonal patterns and stunning color changing effects made this façade decoration stand out from all the other buildings in Hong Kong’s Christmas season 2009 using conventional lighting,” said Teddy Lo, Chief Vision Officer of the lighting design company LEDARTIST, who was very satisfied with the versatility of Traxon’s innovative, advanced Dot XL lighting solution.
Designed for ultimate flexibility, the Dot XL is available with 3, 6, or 9 high-performance SMD LEDs with 16 lm, 42 lm, and 63 lm (lumens) per dot casing. Mounted on a pliable cable with customizable pixel pitch options, the scalable system enables exceptional versatility; architects and lighting designers are no longer limited to traditional forms and screen concepts. Traxon’s Dot XL can be easily integrated into any length or curved structure, and allows access to installations on nearly any surface or three-dimensional object. An optional diffuser dome provides increased adaptability ensuring an even, bright light output, typically used for direct-view installations. “We are very pleased to have this significant feature with an industry-leading, innovative product for the market,” said Mastroyiannis. Outdoor-rated (IP67), the individually-controllable dots are suitable for bright sunlight, rain, or any extreme weather conditions. Easy interconnection and daisy-chaining possibilities transform the Dot XL into an ideal solution for large-scale media installations.
“The Dot XL allows for an installation on any surface and object, and still provides amazing lighting effects and video animations, giving it a competitive advantage for installations where utmost flexibility is needed.” said Mastroyiannis.
Product News | 11 April, 2010
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