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Traxon Technologies / e:cue form Joint Venture with OSRAM

Hong Kong, 2nd March 2009 - Traxon Technologies Ltd. / e:cue entered into a joint venture partnership with OSRAM, becoming a leading provider of advanced LED systems and lighting solutions worldwide. OSRAM is part of the industry sector of Siemens and one of the two leading lighting manufacturers in the world. Traxon Technologies and e:cue will continue to operate under their existing image and branding.
The benefit of this partnership is very clear: “By combining know-how in technology and building on synergies with OSRAM’s global presence we will speed up our development and strengthen our market position” says Nicolai Wiest, CEO of Traxon. The interest is mutual: “We intend to create an integrated offering across the entire LED spectrum which will be marketed through the joint worldwide partner and sales network”, further explains Martin Goetzeler, CEO of OSRAM. As a global player, OSRAM employs more than 43,500 people worldwide and maintains a large network of supply customers in over 150 countries. Focusing on sustainable lighting, more than 60 percent of sales already come from energy-efficient products.
This joint venture will combine the high competence of Traxon as a high-end LED solutions provider including Luminaires, Systems and Software with the global presence and profound know-how of OSRAM in LED components and modules. The combined resources as well as the complementary competencies of both companies will drive Research & Development, quality and performance to its highest. “With a clear focus on the customers’ needs, this Joint Venture will be the choice for LED projects, systems and solutions. We will continue to build on our partnerships around the world to make it happen”, says Nicolai Wiest.
Operating under the new name “Traxon Technologies – An OSRAM Company”, the company’s headquarter remains in Hong Kong with research and development activities in Hong Kong and Paderborn, Germany. The new formed Joint Venture, combining Traxon’s strength in advanced LED lighting systems with OSRAM’s worldwide presence and extensive technology know-how, will set new standards on the global LED lighting market.

Corporate News | 27 April, 2009
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