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Traxon’s 64PXL Board - the new generation of high brightness video replay
Hong Kong, 1st of May 2009 – The groundbreaking Traxon 64PXL Board is a multifunctional LED lighting fixture, distinguishing itself by the exclusive use of ultra-bright LEDs for a perfect replay of medium to high resolution videos, graphics and texts.

The Traxon 64PXL Board is equipped with high performance, energy efficient Nichia LEDs and innovative Smart Chip™ technology that enables auto-addressing and an easy configuration. Due to its compact size and user-friendliness, the 64PXL Board is perfectly suitable for temporary and permanent installation on any flat surface, embellishing floors, ceilings and walls. With a pixel pitch of 3.125 cm and a wide beam angle of 120°, the 64 surface-mounted individually controllable pixels significantly increase the display quality, rendering the Traxon 64PXL Board one of the most efficient solutions for medium resolution video replay. Its high brightness, color consistency and narrow pixel pitch particularly respond to the demands of the commercial, hospitality and entertainment sector. Installed both as front lighting or backlighting application, the 64PXL Board RGB ensures unlimited possibilities of mesmerizing effects and individual lighting scenarios. By offering unique control flexibility, featuring DMX as well as DVI input signals, the fixture represents an easy to manage high brightness lighting solution, perfectly meeting even most sophisticated lighting concepts.

An outstanding feature of the new 64PXL Board RGB is its compatibility with Traxon’s TX ConnectTM System. TX ConnectTM is a universal connector system across all TX Smart and TX XB products, combining both power and data in a single cable. The system is a one-fits-it-all solution, i.e. each cable can be easily connected to every type of Traxon’s LED Fixtures, resulting in a less time consuming installation process. By adding further LED Engines, TX ConnectTM can connect large amounts of LED Fixtures, making it a scalable solution for installations of all sizes.
Product News | 06 May, 2009
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