Return Policy - Americas


Buyer agrees, when placing orders and accepting the products (each, a “Product”), to comply with the General Sales Terms and Conditions of Traxon and the following terms and conditions of this Return Policy.


1.Return for Defect:  Where authorized by the applicable Traxon Warranty Statement, return of a defective Product must comply with the following process.


1.1    Any return of defective Product requires a pre-approval through a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process by Traxon for repair or replacement only if Claim Period for such returned defective Product is still valid. Buyer shall contact Traxon’s local sales office to receive an RMA number and form.

1.2    Traxon will provide Buyer with a RMA number and instructions as to if, when and where to return the defective Product. All returns of defective Product will be associated with an RMA number and a copy of filled-up RMA form by Buyer which describes the Product and defects.

1.3    If applicable, no return of defective Product will be approved by Traxon without a valid Commencement or Commissioning Report endorsed by Traxon.

1.4    All returns of defective Product must be delivered to the designated location in accordance with RMA, at Buyer’s cost and risk, within 30 days commencing from the date of Traxon’s approval. Buyer shall bear all costs of transportation, freight charges, taxes, and customs duties, if applicable. To avoid any further damage, all returns of Product shall be packed in proper packaging and marked correctly.

1.5    Traxon may test if the defects exist, and such testing result shall be final and binding to Buyer. In case of a fault (material or manufacturer fault), Traxon will at its own choice repair or deliver a replacement free of charge or issue a credit note for Traxon products. Compensation of costs, including without limitation transportation costs, assembly and disassembly costs, shall be excluded.


2.Traxon reserves all rights to change or amend the Return Policy from time to time without further notice to Buyer.