DIALux Download

Traxon Technologies Product Selector (Database 11/03/2014)
After installation of the Traxon plugin for DIALux start the plugin in standalone mode and click the Update command in the top navigation of the plugin. The plugin will then  load the newest database content from the DIAL server. Make sure that no firewall blocks the communication to the DIAL server.
This is an international database. Some Traxon & e:cue products may not be available in your region. Please consider this when making your selection.
Prior to installing the Traxon Technologies Product Selector, please close any applications currently using the PPS and un-install the previous version: Start>Settings>Control>Panel>Add/Remove Software.
Download the new software version. Unzip the file, and run the setup file: setup.exe.file.

If you don't have the DIALux software installed on your PC, you can click here to be directed to DIALux download page.