16PXL Module RGB (Discontinued)

AMF - Anaheim, CA, USA

Please use 16PXL Board.

16PXL Module RGB creates visual intrigue with a sleek matrix of light. Capable of static or animated, low-resolution graphics and video replay, 16PXL Module RGB provides functional lighting or decorative illumination for a variety of indoor scenarios. Equipped with 16 ultra-bright, auto-addressable surface mounted LEDs, 16PXL Module RGB’s acrylic casing refines it for direct view. The Quick Clip mounting system renders this product easy-to-install and facilitates rapid re-configuration of modules, making it ideal for both permanent and temporary indoor installations.

Medium pixel pitch, wide beam angle  16PXL Module RGB offers a 62.5mm pixel pitch and a beam angle of 120°, making it efficient tool for low resolution graphics, text, and video replay on varying levels of complexity.

Low-profile, light weight design  Module's design offers a wide range of installation possibilities, including applications on ceilings and inside floors.

Direct-view and easy installation  A transparent acrylic cover and white ABS back case house 16PXL Module RGB’s 16 high-intensity LEDs. Its Quick Clip mounting system ensures simple installation and equal pixel pitch when placing multiple modules, as well as the fast reconfiguration, or integration of additional modules. This sturdy yet refined Module is ideal direct view.

Simple connection with TX ConnectTM Smart  Power and data are combined into one cable with the simple TX Connect Smart, a universal system that enables plug’n’play set up.

Smart Chip technology  Each of the 16 pixels are auto-addressable and easily configured.

Beam Angle :
40 Degree
Color :
Environment :
Weight :
0.73kg / 1.6Ibs
Dimensions :
(L x W x H) 250mm x 250mm x 38.9mm, 9.85" x 9.85" x 1.53"
  • AMF - Anaheim, CA, USA
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