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Lutron Showroom - New York, USA
Located in Midtown Manhattan, the Lutron Showroom was completed in the Spring of 2009. Lutron, a lighting control company, sought to offer an environment where customers could experience their home automation products, creating the feel of a smart home, and displaying their ability to connect many technologies using a unified interface. Traxon was called upon to create an installation for the “great room” and “bedroom” showroom areas, which would simulate two large windows and display an outdoor environment. The installation of 330 64PXL boards in two separate groupings along a split wall in the showroom, displays medium resolution video, adding brightness and life to this replicated living environment. The video was broken into two layers to allow separate control of each window. Control is provided by an e:cue Media Engine 2 and a VCS 1, and at the moment, videos are triggered solely by three e:cue Glass Touches. Designed by CBBLD in New York City, the Lutron Showroom installation represents several landmarks. This is the largest installation of its kind in the United States, and the first installation world-wide to implement e:cue’s proprietary e:pix protocol and Emotion software. Additionally, this is the first installation of Video Micro Converter in the world.
Showcase News | 10 September, 2009
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