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RTV Rijnmond - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
RTV Rijnmond, located in the southern part of Holland, is a famous regional public radio and television broadcast station. It was founded in 1983, became public in 2001 and since spreads news and information in the Rijnmond region to a broad public using radio, television and internet. Due to the continuous growth of the broadcaster, the headquarters moved to a new office building in 2007. In order to reflect the company’s fresh image and to underline the modern interior design, a unique lighting installation with integrated media screens is highlighting the top of the entrance today. Traxon’s eye-catching 16PXL Boards are installed behind reflecting mirror frames, giving the installation a stylish and classy finish. 16 individually addressable LEDs display colorful light in a variety of shades and forms around the four integrated media screens, drawing the attention of passers-by. The whole project could be realized due to the combined experience and knowledge of three companies: Traxon for the LED Lighting Fixtures & Control, Maramoja who created the frame, and BIS that took care of the whole implementation and installation.
Showcase News | 10 September, 2009
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