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Traxon & e:cue Opens Its First Global Customization & Lighting Lab

29 November, 2010 - Traxon Technologies|e:cue lighting control has established its first independent in-house photometric and customization laboratory. Located in Hong Kong and capable of extensive fixture testing and quick customization, the lab was created with simplicity, flexibility, and innovation in mind, to more efficiently serve our customers and partners.

The Global Customization & Lighting Lab is equipped with the tools to provide relevant data on a wide range of fixtures without the use of an external testing lab. Now, measurements such as CCT, CRI, luminous flux, and other information used to compile IES files and reports, can be provided quickly to create renderings and simulations of dynamic lighting designs. As a result, customers and partners will benefit from more accurate product specifications and response times of only a few days, instead of the approximate month-long wait time inherent in most third-party testing labs.

To extend the breadth of Traxon|e:cue’s commitment to flexibility, the laboratory will also include a customization shop. This shop will execute proactive tasks necessary for accurate mockups and product planning, including fabrication of system prototypes, debugging, and performing qualification activities. It will also build assembly testing jigs and fixtures for fast, customized production to meet special project requirements. The information and procedures captured in the Customization Lab will assist in establishing standard operating procedures and specifications for starting materials, intermediate, and finished products.

The first of three global labs in Traxon|e:cue’s near future, this Customization & Lighting Lab paves the way to more effective communication through the collection and distribution of essential data, to all relevant parties within the project process. Identical labs are scheduled to open in the United States and Europe, in early 2011.

Corporate News | 29 November, 2010
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