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If your building is near the sea such as an oceanfront hotel or landmark, effective exterior lighting helps create that all important first impression.  Coastal locations present particular challenges for specifiers, designers or owners when choosing suitable lighting solutions due to the amount of airborne salt and humidity that a coastal property is subjected to, as these act as catalysts to oxidation and rust.

Traxon Nano Liner Allegro AC XB, Monochrome Tube, Media Tube, and Wall Washer Shield AC XB are proven suitable for coastal environments.  These weather-proof lighting solutions underwent vigorous assessments including 200 hours salt spray tests and 168 hours high temperature/high humidity tests to verify their resilience to corrosive sea air.  These fixtures’ construction is specifically designed for resistance to salt corrosion, rendering these solutions suitable for use at coastal environments.

Product News | 11 October, 2013
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