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The fresh sunrise at morning, the splendid midday sun and the warm sunset – light accompanies us throughout the entire day. Similar to the daily changes in sunlight, our activity and productivity fluctuate throughout the day. In rooms where there is little to no natural daylight available and artificial light is necessary, our circadian rhythm can be affected. In this environment, it is best to use a lighting solution that imitates the natural course of daylight. An automated lighting control and a matching lighting solution can reproduce the dynamic change of light, color, direction, and intensity.

Dynamically adjusted and chronobiological controlled illumination doesn’t only provide bright light but contributes to well-being. The combination of Liner XB, Nano Liner XB and Butler S2 produces a bright, cold white light that has an energizing effect in the morning and throughout the day, while at night the light is switched to warm white light, which supports relaxation and recovery. In fact, a study by the Bergisch University of Wuppertal, Germany, shows in subjective and objective measurements that chronobiological lighting has a positive effect, especially on sleep.

Recently during the construction of two new cruise ships for the Norwegian Cruise Line, a lighting solution was integrated that takes advantage of the versatile options of LEDs, such as color changing and dimming possibilities to complete the holiday ambiance on the impressive ships. In areas such the spa, sports facilities, restaurants, shops, and cabins, a lighting solution was installed that offers energy efficiency while contributing to the relaxing ambiance on the ships.

Recovery is not the only positive effect; light can also enhance and convey emotions, such as the experience at large sporting events in stadiums and arenas.Open training fields can also profit from advanced field lighting and multimedia perimeter advertising. Through intelligent controls, stadium media screens and lighting effects support the fans euphoria and create a unique experience for spectators and athletes. Dynamic façade lighting can translate the atmosphere inside the stadium to exterior lighting effects. An exciting media façade, visible from far away, brings life to the city and shapes its skyline.

Showcase News | 18 December, 2014
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