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White Line XB Range
Introduces its improved White Line XB Range, a high brightness series of XB Luminaires equipped with white Luxeon® LEDs. The product range, comprising Spots, Liners and Nano Liners (9/18/27/36 LEDs) as well as Wall Washers (18/36 LEDs) perfectly responds even to most special demands. In addition to the fixtures available in Warm White and Cold White (3400K – 6700K), the high brightness series is completed by Traxon’s outstanding Dynamic White™, a stunning flexible lighting system which enables a near seamless phase between the two basic color temperatures. TRAXON White Line fixtures combine all of the advantages of LED lighting over conventional lighting for the majority of commonplace lighting installations, including energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and electricity costs, lack of heat emission and UV radiation, durability and long source life. The TRAXON White Line XB Range is specially designed to suit the demands of the architectural, retail and hospitality market.
Product News | 02 April, 2009
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